Wood Crates & Shipping Containers


Wooden Shipping Crates and Shipping Containers

When shipping internationally, heat-treated, ISPM-15 wooden crates are required. When shipping awkward, fragile, or heavy items, wood crates help protect the contents better than other shipping methods.

When you have a need for custom wood crates for shipping, Craters & Freighters in Little Rock is here to meet the demand. Our fully tailored wood crating solutions meet a variety of needs and include those for:

Our in-depth knowledge of shipping and packaging allows us to build and create industry-leading solutions for our clients. The suggestions we make are based on over 30+ years of experience to ensure the safe shipment of any item.

Thinking Inside the Box

Another factor we address is how to secure the item within the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. Bolting, blocking, bracing, and steel strapping are just some of the options. When items are shipped in a wooden shipping container, we select the appropriate securing methods and incorporate into the design right from the start.

Custom Wood Crates

Our wooden crates are designed specifically for the item being shipped. No two shipments are the same and having the right size crate is essential for protecting it properly during the hostile shipping environment. To build these we use crating and cushioning software, MIL-Spec library, AutoCAD, our global network of providers, and over 30 years of industry knowledge.

We take measurements including determining the size, weight, fragility, transportation method and final destination when we are designing your custom wood crates.

Worried about weight, size or fragility? There’s no need. We take on every shipping challenge you may have because we have the resources to handle it, with NO weight or size restrictions. Our custom-engineered crates are based specifically on your product requirements.

If your shipment is too awkward, fragile, large or heavy to get to us, we will come to you. Our Onsite Crating option allows us to bring our technology, expertise and materials right to your organization to build your custom shipping solution.

No size or weight restrictions means whether you bring it to us, or we come to you, we will successfully support your shipping and packaging needs domestically or overseas safely and efficiently. Whatever your goals, our reliable, professional team of logistics experts will get your valuables to their destination undamaged and on-time.


On-site Crating

Think your items are too large, too heavy, too awkward, or too fragile? We’ve taken that challenge! And, if you need us to, we will come to you with our onsite crating options. Wooden crates can be delivered right to you, or our specialists can come to your location with supplies, technology and know-how. From there we measure, plan, and create the perfect crating, securing, and shipping plan for you.

We are leaders in the logistics industry, creating peace of mind and confidence for our clients that their valuables will arrive safely, securely, and on time. No size or weight limits means we can help nearly every client with every shipping need.

Wood Crates for International Shipping

Need to send specialty items overseas? We coordinate the packing and shipping of your valuables for a safe, on-time, damage-free delivery in ISPM-15 Certified, heat-treated wood crates.

Most people don’t understand all the additional steps to international shipping. Packages, if not handled correctly, can be lost, delayed or even destroyed in customs. In addition, special care must be taken for moisture protection and cushioning for the variety of transportation modes the shipment may encounter.

Craters & Freighters in Little Rock has the attention to detail required for successful international shipping including providing:

ISPM 15 Wooden Crates – ISPM stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. It is the protocol that prevents the transfer of pests in overseas shipments. Not only do we heat treat the wood crate per these specifications, but we also have an authorized “bug stamp” that is used to certify the treatment for easy passage through customs. Wooden crates without this certification can be destroyed.

Documentation – In addition to certified ISPM 15 crates, specific forms and documents are required for overseas shipping. We gather all the required details from you and complete all required documentation, and set up tracking. This provides peace of mind knowing your shipment will make it successfully through the customs process.

Options – We provide an array of options when it comes to international shipping including full containers (FCL), less than full container (LCL), white-glove service, shipping insurance, vapor barrier protection, and more.

If you have questions about international shipping, contact Craters & Freighters in Little Rock today at 501-791-2860

Packaging and Cushioning

Simply putting items in wooden crates would never be enough to secure them. We must address how to stabilize valuables within the crate, box, container, skid, or pallet.

Customize packaging options can include:

  • Bolting
  • Blocking
  • Bracing
  • Strapping
  • Saddles
  • Supports

Only by selecting the appropriate and best cushioning and packaging are we able to ensure the safe delivery of goods. This is how we design your custom wood crates from the start. We take into consideration:

  • Item destination
  • Item mode of transportation
  • Weight
  • Value
  • Fragility
  • Dimensions
  • Special requests/needs

Unmatched Service

Industrial, Medical, Military and Commercial shipping and crating can be a challenge. However, we have the expertise to overcome even the trickiest shipping needs. Safely moving valuables is our only job, and we do it time and again, day after day, year over year for our clients and have earned a reputation for professionalism, customer service and logistics know-how.

Your most difficult shipping needs have met their match with our experts! For over 30 years, organizations of all kinds have come to rely on us to transport their valuables. Whether domestic or international, we take wood crating and shipping to the next level, making it easy and efficient.


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